Conference Programme

Song, Stage and Screen XV; Mobilities - Stage and Film Musical in Motion

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Programm schedule

Room I
The Sound of Music
Room II
Show Boat
Room III
The Merry Widow
Wednesday, June 30
15:30-16:30 CEST Welcome: Speeches

Rektor Hendrik Lehnert,
Rektorin Ursula Brandstätter,
Carolin Stahrenberg, Nils Grosch,
Ruard Absaroka, Natalie Stadler, Roman Duffner
White Horse Inn: Coffee break (30 min.)
17:00-18:00 Keynote I: Derek Scott (GB):
Operetta, Cultural Mobility, and Cosmopolitanism

Chair: Carolin Stahrenberg
White Horse Inn: Coffee break (30 min.)
18:30-20:00 Panel 1
Chair: Dominic Symonds

Raymond Knapp (US): Mobility and Framing in Vincente Minnelli’s Films with Judy Garland
Panel 2
Chair: Markus Neuwirth

Jeroen Joost van Wijhe (NL)/Sanne Thierens (NL): Two Worlds, One Musical. Adapting Disney Theatrical Production’s Tarzan for the Dutch stage
Panel 3
Chair: Matthias Weiß

Joanna Das (US): Hillbillies Dancing Badly: Mobilizing Black Vernacular Dance in Musical Theatre
Franziska Kollinger (AT): Le seul, le vrai, le paradis: Cultural mobility and French musical films (1930-1950) Ronald Zank (US): “Fasten Your Seatbelts”: The Im/Mobility of the Screen-to-Stage Musical cancelled Veronika Bochynek (AT): Tap Dance Improvisation as Moments of Play – Finding Agency in Hollywood Musicals
Micaela Baranello (US): “Hochzeit in Hollywood”: The American Film Industry on the Viennese Operetta Stage Olaf Jubin (GB): Running in Circles or Moving with the Times? The German Starlight Express Dustyn Martincich (US): On the Move: Translating Lyrical and Non-Lyrical Choreography for Musical Theatre Touring Productions
White Horse Inn: Chill out
Thursday, July 1
15:00-16:30 CEST Panel 4
Chair: Nils Grosch

William Everett (US): Racial Mobilities and Representations in Rose Marie on Stage and Screen
Panel 5
Chair: Susanne Scheiblhofer

Ben Macpherson (GB): Audio Network Theory – Circulation, Consumption and the Mobility of the ‘Original Cast Recording’
Panel 6
Chair: Nicole Haitzinger

Ariel Nereson (US): Mobile Dancers, Fixed Genres: Concert and Commercial Dance Aesthetic Production and Dancers’ Navigation Strategies
Matthias Weiss (AT): An “instant queen” for “the destitute of all complexions”. Social Mobility and the Migration of Images in Allan Parker’s Evita Toby Huelin (GB): It’s “Behind” You! Library Music as Underscore in Contemporary British Pantomime Ellin Sears (AUS): The digital world and accessibility to musical theatre dance
Carlo Cenciarelli (GB): From Singing to Listening on the Move: The Graduate as the First Mobile Music Musical Trevor Boffone (US): “So if you care to find me, look to…” TikTok: Elphaba Drag, Defying Gravity, and Digital Musical Fandom Robert Gordon (GB): Dance as emblem of social mobility in Billy Elliot
White Horse Inn: Coffee break (30 min.)
17:00-18:00 Keynote II: Shana L. Redmond (US): Antiphonal Life: The Return of Paul Robeson.

Chair: Ralph Poole

White Horse Inn: Coffee break (30 min.)
18:30-20:00 Panel 7
Chair: Hannah Robbins

Dominic Symonds (GB): “Stop the World”: community and mobility in Come From Away
Panel 8
Chair: Donatella Galella

Laura Waringer (US): Mobilizing a Movement: Creating a Site-Specific, Anti-Racist Musical for the Pandemic
Panel 9
Chair: Friedlind Riedel

Anna Waller (US): From Hot From Harlem to Harlem is Heaven: Circulating Black Dance Aesthetics on Stage and Screen
Jordan Ealey (US): Rocking and Reeling: Sounding Community in Zora Neale Hurston’s Polk County Leticia Ridley (US): “Turning the Lights Back On:” Lion King, Social Media, and Black Creative Mobility Phoebe Rumsey (GB): “I need to do the Black Bottom!”: How movement works to expose cultural theft in Michael John La Chiusa’s The Wild Party
Daniel Molnár (HU): National(ist) heroes: Propaganda musicals in Eastern European hybrid regimes Phoebe Ranger (GB): Accessibility, mobility and changing modes of Liveness Barbara Pitak-Piaskowska (PL): Moving towards escapism – Busby Berkeley and kinetic charm
White Horse Inn: Chill out
Friday, July 2
15:00-16:30 CEST Panel 10
Chair: Elizabeth Wollman

Nicholas Gebhardt (GB): That’s Entertainment: travelling performers and the mythology of show business in American culture
Panel 11
Chair: L. Roman Duffner

Ellen Armstrong and Siobhán Rocks (GB): Sound and Vision: the transfer and recovery of meaning in sign language interpreted musical theatre
Panel 12
Chair: Ariel Nereson

Jennifer Daniel (GB): Mobility and Stagnation: Cats, Hollywood and race
Julianne Lindberg (US): “Youth Will Arrive/Let Them Know You’re Alive”: Youth and Mobility in “Babes in Arms” Sarah Courtis (AU): Mobility barriers and inclusive practices in performance Desiree Garcia (US): Going Places: Musical “Latins” in the Hollywood Musical
Nils Grosch (AT): “When you change the view from where you stood, the things you view will change for good”: Musical theatre revisited from the perspective of the mobilities paradigm Christopher Smith (US): Out Yonder: Immersive Theater as Anti-Hegemonic Pedagogy in the Music Conservatory Anthea Kraut (US): Marie Bryant and Racialized Mobilities of Flesh in Hollywood
White Horse Inn: Coffee break (30 min.)
17:00-18:00 Keynote III: Lydia Goehr (US): Instrumentalizing Music for the Movies: Comedy, Portability, Labor, Critique

Chair: Ruard Absaroka

White Horse Inn: Coffee break (30 min.)
18:30-20:00 Panel 13

Ellen Peck (US): Bus-and-Truck in the Motor City: Tours and Pre-Broadway Tryouts in Detroit (cancelled)
Panel 14
Chair: Jessica Sternfeld

Megan Woller (US): American Musical Theater, Media, and Mobility in a post-COVID Society
Panel 15
Chair: Veronika Bochynek

Sherrill Gow/Joe Parslow (GB): Mobilising the Feminist and Queer Potentialities of Children of Eden
Amy Mallett (GB): The pandemic in the room: the impact of Covid-19 on the musical theatre creative process and product (cancelled) Kelly Kessler (US): COVID19: The Musical!! How a Pandemic Shattered the Musical’s Digital Divide Catherine Young (US): In the Heights’ Migrating Women
James Deaville (CA): The Journey of “Flower Drum Song”: Intermedial Adaptation and Cross-Racial Identity between Novel, Stage, and Screen (cancelled) George Burrows (GB): Me and My Girl and Showstopper!: Improvisation, Musical Comedy and Mobility Austin Eyer (US): Queer Representation in Musical Theatre: From the “Pansy Craze” to A Strange Loop
White Horse Inn: Chill out
Saturday, July 3
15:00-16:30 CEST Panel 16
Chair: Georg Nicklaus

Kathryn Edney (US): A Fixed Reputation? Re-Examining Oscar Hammerstein II in Light of The Golden Dawn (1927)
Panel 17
Chair: Natalie Stadler

Christin Bonin (DE): Broadway’s Leading Ladies – Continuing Intersectional Problems of Gender and Ethnicity
Panel 18
Chair: Anne Healy

Anne Potter (US): “Commencing in Chattanooga”: Trains, Race, and Nostalgia in Musical Theatre
Susanne Scheiblhofer (AT): The Hammerstein Ban: The German-speaking reception history of Rodgers and Hammerstein re-evaluated Emilio Méndez (MX): Angélique: Mobility, Migration, Race and Mestizaje in a Contemporary Mexican Musical Jelena Novak (PT): Song, Car and Screen: Notes on Musical Theatre and Automobility
Jake Johnson (US): Re-Placing the American Musical Paul Laird (US)/Gonzalo Fernandez Monte (ES): From “La Cage” to “La Jaula”: The ‘Follies’ of Musicals Crossing Cultures Carolin Stahrenberg (AT): “Meine Heimat ist der Wagen”. Negotiation of mobility and settledness in German post-war musicals
White Horse Inn: Coffee break (30 min.)
17:00-18:30 Panel 19
Chair: Franziska Kollinger

Carolina Correa (CO): From Broadway to Mexico: A first approach towards migration of musical theatre
Panel 20
Chair: William Everett

Alejandro Postigo (GB): Musical Theatre Brexit: the future of Anglo-Centric musical theatre training
Panel 21
Chair: Sophie Lauscher

Anouk Bottero (FR): Paradoxes of Stillness in Caroline, or Change
Millie Taylor (NL): Global markets and local communities: musical theatre in the Netherlands Ruard Absaroka (AT): The Hills are Alive with Tourist Ears: The Sounds of Movement and Consumption of Place in Salzburg Vojtech Frank (CZ): „There Was No One in the Audience“: First Soviet Musicals on Czechoslovak Stages
Eric Kaufman (US): American in Paris (or Munich, or Moscow, or Tokyo…): Musical Theatre as Cultural Export Edwin Betancourth Cardona (CO): Moving Sounds, Music Transgressions. The impact of Venezuelan musicians in Cali, Colombia Michael Ellison (US): Movement Inside Your Skin: The Potency of Movement/Stillness in The Band’s Visit
White Horse Inn: Coffee break (30 min.)
19:00-20:00 Plenary Session